Productive Consortium Meeting in Cluj
November 5, 2015 - 3:33pm

Starting with November 1, the REPOPA Consortium have met in Cluj-Napoca for their Annual Meeting. This is one of the oportunities when we make our most important decisions and propose future steps. Also, we discuss our financial issues and the preparation for deliverables and dissemination strategy. The meeting ended on November 4 with a great plan ahead.

This year's meeting was also about discussing the sustainability of our work and we look forward to share that information at a latter time. Until them here are some topics discussed during the meeting and some pictures from our meeting.

Day 1

WP2 Session: final report & follow-up

WP3 Session: Final report & follow-up

WP4 Session: Status, updates and future plans

WP5 Session: Status and updates

WP6 Session: Status and updates

Day 2

WP7 Session

External speaker: Prof. Dr. Catalin O. Baba

Publication Plans

Priorities and writing summaries

Day 3

Round table discussion

Final project meeting, final project reporting


Update December 9, 2015: Short description of our meeting was featured in Health Promotion Research News | Issue 15 - November 2015| |ISBN: 978-87-91245-22-0|The full article is available here.


Pictures from the event: